The Xtreme Wildlife Group is one of the first groups to hold annual wildlife auctions since 2011. The Group’s members are geographically distributed, stretching from the North West to the Northern Cape and thus being able to provide the market with diversity of species and genetics, adapted to extreme conditions. Buyers are able to view most of the animals which are on auction, prior to and on the day of the auction at the Bona Bona Wildlife Complex.

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18 August 2017


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Sable Antelope Nuclear Genetic Diversity and Origin



Groot opgewondenheid heers ... See MoreSee Less

Animals are coming into the Bomas at Bona Bona Auction Pens...
They can be viewed on Friday from 8am before the Xtreme Wildlife Group Auction starts at 11am.
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Exceptional Roan Heifers from De Beers Wildlife, walking with recently acquired 30 "+ Bayelam, available on catalogue at the Xtreme Wildlife Auction on Friday. Animals insured by Wildswinkel. #roans #auctions #genetics ... See MoreSee Less

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Nog net 4 dae voor ons Xtreme Wildlife Group veiling en ons besef net weer hoe besonders die diere is wat ons veiling toe neem! . Moet nie die geleentheid misloop om Mr. Perfect genetika te bekom nie. Diere word verseker deur Wildswinkel Sien julle Vrydag 18 Augustus om 11 uur te Bona Bona. Kom geniet die dag saam met ons ... See MoreSee Less

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Breeders working hard towards the Xtreme Auction coming up next Friday 18 Aug,hosted by Wildswinkel. All members insured their animals through Wildswinkel insurance, read more in the online catalogue on www.xtremewildlife.co.za ... See MoreSee Less

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