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We, as Xtreme Wildlife Group, have a notably large collective capacity of genetic diversity amongst our member’s animals. Sable herd numbers stretch close to a 1000 and buffalo counts reach into 700, roans over 170 and tsessebes an impressive 220. Our group is known for years of selective breeding and takes pride in the variety of game such as: sable, buffalo, nyala, roan, springbuck, blesbuck, king and golden wildebeest, golden oryx, lechwe, tsessebe, impala, red hartebeest and most other colour variants. It is with pride we can confirm that we collectively hold over 7 000 head of game roaming on more than 28 000 hectares of land.

The Xtreme Wildlife Group is proud to have Wiaan van der Linde, the newly appointed president of the WRSA, as a member, as well as Pieter Ernst Snr on the advisory board. Other members such as Pieter Ernst Jnr, Colin Engelbrecht and Jan Grobler, together serve on the Hartland Business Chamber while Jan Grobler serve on the management of NAMPO.

Backed by sound business principles, strong leadership, good animal husbandry practices with growing herds and
variety of species amongst us, the Xtreme Wildlife Group is well positioned as one of the leaders in the industry.

The Xtreme Wildlife Group realises the change in the landscape and will continue to focus and cater for; the established breeders who seek new genetics to enhance their herds; new entrants who seek small family groups and good affordable genetics; hunters seeking trophy quality and lastly contributing to food security through the supply of meat. The difference between conservation and commercialisation is clearly understood and all members are committed to find their niche and continually improve their genetic variability, in the quest to breed outstanding animals to meet market needs.

This year’s auction promises to provide our clients with a variety of exceptional animals. This auction will bring back the tradition of auctions, while Vleissentraal will ensure an auction of the highest standards with approximately 100 lots on offer.