Pieter Ernst Snr, CEO of the Bona Bona Group, has gained extensive experience from many years of game farming. Pieter was also a founding member of the Xtreme Game Breeders Group in 2011. The name Bona Bona is well known in the industry. Through Pieter’s passion and knowledge he laid the perfect foundation for his sons Pieter Jnr, Danie and MJ, to follow in his footsteps.  Like their father they are committed to serve and grow the breeding industry to ensure its future. Today this dynamic team of brothers, under the leadership of Pieter Jnr, is still growing their herds.

Bona Bona Game Breeders boasts a diversity of strong genetic animals which include Sable, Roan, King Wildebeest and more. Top breeding animals include:

  • • Flare – Sable 50.5”

  • • Magic – Sable 48.5”

  • • Moseme – Sable 48”

  • • Surprise – Roan 32”

  • • Cahora – Buffalo 44.75”

• Strombo – Golden Wildebeest 27.625”

• Magnum – King Wildebeest 25”+

Bona Bona Game Breeders constantly improves on infrastructure and strives to keep breeding projects as close to what the animals would have experienced in their natural habitat.  With the vision to include the full circle of sustainability in their operations, Bona Bona works towards the synergy between the different segments in the industry.

Landline: +27 18 451 1005

Pieter Ernst (JNR)
Cell: +27 82 925 3662
Pieter Ernst (SNR)
Cell: +27 82 773 0323

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